Monday, December 29, 2008

Beautiful work to share....

I hope everyone is enjoying themselves this Christmas! For those of you who have been too busy during the silly season, I have extended December's deadline to midnight, Sunday 4 January. Who knows, it might even be your first layout completed for 2009!
Some of our contributors have been hard at work on these beautiful layouts for December's challenge....
Marion McIntyre
Peg Hewitt

Lindy Gillespie

Kate Middleton

Thank you ladies! We wouldn't be here without you.

Monday, December 22, 2008

The Inspirational Team have done it again!!

Sheree Power

Sue-Maree Wilks

Thanks Sue-Maree and Sheree for sharing your beautiful work with us. You are truly inspirational!

Things have been hectic here to say the least! Every year I'm amazed at how crazy things get this time of year. Now we've got the 3 littlies it's even crazier and even more fun.

It's so wonderful to share this time with them. We've been counting down the sleeps and the excitement levels have risen extremely in the last few nights! They are finding it very hard to get to sleep already, I hate to think how excited they will be on Christmas Eve. They'll probably burst!!

No wonder they call it the silly season!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

December's challenge...

As it is the season to be jolly....this month's word picture challenge is to be completed using seasonal colours!

Material List
2 landscape 10 x 15 photos
1 piece of cardstock for the base
5 pieces of patterned paper:
Paper A – 24 x 22cm
Paper B – 15 x 18cm
Paper C – 15 x 7cm
Strip A & B – 27cm x 5cm
Alphabet for title, journaling strips, embellishments to make it your own

Handy hint – do not adhere until the end.

Paper Placement
Place Paper A to the top right of your cardstock base.

Place Paper B to the top right of Paper A, slightly over right hand edge of cardstock, leaving about 1.5cm of Paper A at top.

Place Paper C under the bottom left of Paper A, about 1cm up from bottom.

Add Strip A to the top edge of Paper C, running horizontally across Paper A & B.

Add Strip B vertically along left hand side of Paper B on top of all papers.

Add photos to bottom right.

When you are happy with placement, adhere.

Place your title under Strip A.

Add journaling strips under title.

Embellish top left hand side of layout.

Make it your own!
Remember to e-mail your layouts in no later than the 31st of December to and please tell your friends!!!

Our last entry for November...

Another beautiful layout! Thanks to all of our contributors for this month - we couldn't have done it without you! It's fantastic that we can all share our work to inspire other like-minded souls. All of the layouts this month are outstanding!

Melinda Taylor

I can't believe November's over and we're breaking out the Christmas Advent Calendars today. Good ol' Santa will be here before we know it!