Wednesday, April 30, 2008

End of the Month.

All of the layouts that we have received have been uploaded. If yours isn't here drop us an e-mail and let us know.

At this time we just want to say thank you to all of you that submitted your lovely pages - it is great seeing how different everyone has interpreted the instructions. It is going to be especially hard to judge the winners.

Another huge thanks must go out to our four fabulous sponsors for the Month of April. Blumar's Craft, Scrap Boutique, Anna's Craft Cupboard and Chook Scraps.

Winners will be announced in the next few days so keep an eye out.

May's Challenge will be posted this Friday evening so pop back in for that.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Our Sponsors Explored

As a way of thank you to our Sponsors we have been checking out their sites and having a look around and now we are going to tell you a little bit about the sites that we have discovered, but believe us when we say that this is only a sneak peek into the sites as each one offers a whole lot more.

Blumar’s Craft
This long ANZAC weekend is going to be especially fun because most of the members are off to a retreat or for those who couldn’t make it they are attending a mini retreat online. How exciting.
Blumar’s has a fantastic Rewards Program set up called Blumar’s Buck it is a great idea and offers some great incentives to participate in the happenings of the forum.
What more could you ask for?? Well there are Free classes on a regular basis at Blumar’s all you have to do is join up to be a forum member and register for the class that you are interested in. How easy and what more could we want but free classes.
Another fun regular occurrence at Blumar’s is the Weekend Workshops, they are a lot of fun with lots of chat and scrapping.

Anna’s Craft Cupboard
April is a special Month for Anna’s Craft Cupboard it is their first birthday – so be on the look out for great things happening such as free shipping. We have also discovered that Anna’s Craft Cupboard has a special 10% discount on your first order placed – what better incentive do you need to pop on over and place an order. What was that you want more incentive?? Well get this Anna’s Cupboard has prizes up for grabs; a Crop a Dile II, a Vituri Urban Handbag and a $35 gift voucher. How cool is that!

Chook Scraps
If you are after a challenge or two or six head over to Chook Scraps as the have six monthly challenges that are designed to get you thinking and scrapping up a storm. Looking for a bit of inspiration check out the DT at chooks – they are great. Or if you are a bit stumped for ideas Chook’s has a Sketch Gallery with some fabulous sketches in it. While having a look around the store we absolutely fell in love with the wide rage of stamps, there is everything for the beginner stamper to the more advanced. And then we discovered that if you place an order of $60 or more (which isn’t hard to do at all) you will get free shipping to anywhere in Australia – how good is that?

Scrap Boutique
Quick hurry on over to Scrap Boutique this weekend they are having a Cyber Crop and there are already some fantastic hints up to tease you before it starts and some great prizes up for the taking. Scrap Boutique has a great Loyalty Bonus Discount, pop in and check out the details, you will not be disappointed that you did. Another great reason (as if you need anymore) is that they have a first order voucher!!

Now that we have told you a little bit about each of the sponsors go and check them out for yourself you will be glad that you did.

Friday, April 18, 2008

April Layouts

Home made Valcano by Jennifer Longenecker
Summer Fun by Lynlee from Country Paper Craft

Who Can I See? by Carissa Hannaford
Night Owl by Judith Armstrong
Mand and Me by Peg Hewitt

Next Star by Deb from Country Paper Crafts

Partners in Crime by Leoni from Country Paper Crafts
Bush Babe by Michelle from Country Paper Crafts

Too Cute by Jan Agnew

Australia Day by Christine Rayner

First Easter by Anthea Peterson
I think so by Sheree

Natural Beauty by Sharron Heys
Dinner Time by Jayne Smith

Giddy Up by Julie Dudley

Smile by Sue Wheeler

Cradle Mountain by Tony

Kinder by Suzi Hoffshulze
Memories by Victoria

Swing by Kerryn Lawson

Young Lady by Kim Naumann

Dad by Sue Maree
Footy by Jen Horne
Sweet Little Girls by Jolene Pienaar
Pals by Karen Bergess

Rome by Katerine Reardon

Monday, April 14, 2008


Now that it has been a week with the instructions/directions up I invite you all to leave a comment and a link if you have uploaded you LO anywhere on the Internet, that includes personal blogs and our sponsor stores.

I will upload all the LO that I have received so far on the weekend, but remember you all have until the end of the month to get your layouts in. If you are feeling extra creative do another one!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Our Samples.

Well the directions/instructions have been up for over a week now?? How are you all going? I have a stack of Layouts in and I am sure that there are lots more to come yet. The girls at Chooks Scraps have jumped onboard and I have a few pages from them.
Our Sample Layouts:
Craving Chicken
By Jodi Voute

Choccy Love

by Tracey Campbell

Just Moments

By Tracey Campbell

Then next weekend I will start uploading all of the wonderful layouts that I have received so far.

I beat you all can't wait to see what everyone has come up with. Let me tell you they look fantastic.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Our first LO is in.

We recieved our very first LO for the April Challenge today. It was Vic from over at Scrapbook Savvy and it is a lovely LO. For being the first to get her page in Vic has won herself a RAK.

Way to go Vic.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Remember that

Your challenges are to be e-mailed to us by the last day of the Month. So this Month it will be the 30th April.

We can't wait to see what you all come up with.

April's Word Picture Challenge

We it is finally time for the first Word Picture Challenge to go up. But before it does we just want to say once again a huge thank you to our Sponsors for the month. Blumars Craft, Chooks Scraps, Scrap Boutiques and Anna's Craft Cupboard. The links to the Sponsor's stores are on the right hand side of the blog so ladies and gents (if we have any here) go and have a look at the wide range of stock that Maria, Lorraine, Chelsea and Anna have in store - you will not be disappointed.

Now for what you have all been waiting for ...... the first challenge.

Material List

* 1 main photo (can be a 6x4 photo or slightly bigger)
* 3 smaller photos (roughly 2 ½ x 1 ½ inches )
* 1 cardstock
* Some cardstock for journal strips
* 2 co-ordinating pieces of patterned paper ( you will only need a piece that is the same size as your large photo and two stripes about ½ x 12 inches) – this is a great challenge to you’re your patterned paper scraps.
* 1 large (roughly 10cm diameter – it does not have to be round in shape) embellishment
* 1 medium (roughly 5 cm diameter- it does not have to be round in shape) embellishment
* Flourishes of any type, rubons, stamps, hand drawn, cut from patterned paper, a painted stencil, hand stitched or even a variety of these.
* Alphas for title and subtitle.
* Ink, paint, glitter, pens, and what ever else you want to decorate your LO with
* Extra embellishments of your choosing.

Remember we all get the same word picture it is up to you to make it interesting and to suit your own style of scrapping. I will make a few suggestions but the choice is up to you.

Hint hint!!! – when I say to adhere, you may like to just place it down on the page to see how the layout progress, give it your own personal touches and then adhere it right at the very end.

Step One - Pattern Paper Preparation
From Patterned Paper One (PP1) you will need a rectangle the same size as your main photo. You can cut it with your trimmer, cut it free hand, tear it or do what ever you wish to get it to the size required.
From Patterned Paper Two (PP2) cut out two strips.

Step Two - Patterned Paper Decoration
Decorate your patterned paper, if you want to you can ink, sand, crumple, doodle, paint or whatever you wish to do. You can even leave it plain.

Step Three - Matting the Main Photo
Adhere PP1 to the back of your main photo; position it so that it only shows from under two sides of the photo, the top and either the left or right side.

Step Four – Position the Main Photo
Adhere your main photo around 7cm up from the bottom of the cardstock edge and roughly in the centre.

Step Five – Placement of the smaller photos
On the side of your cardstock that does not have the main photo on, adhere the smaller photos. Position them so that they run one on top of the other in a photo tower (further clarification here; I mean so that they run like a negative strip and if you need any further clarification please just ask in the comment section.) Make sure that the bottom edge of your photo tower and your main photo are even.

Step Six - Patterned Paper Two placement
Take one strip of PP2 and run it roughly 1cm from the bottom edge of your main photo in a horizontal line toward your photo tower. Trim the length of the strip to suit your layout, for example you may choose to trim it before the tower, after the tower or just as the tower finished.
Take the second PP2 strip and run it vertical up the side of your photo tower, leave roughly a 1cm gap between the PP and the photo tower. Once again trip to the length you require.

Step Seven – Large Embellishment
On the side where your two strips of PP2 join or come close to joining place your large embellishment. Position it how you like making sure it doesn’t hide you bottom photo in the tower.

Step Eight - Medium Embellishment
On the bottom side of you main photo that does not have the photo tower on place you medium embellishment.

Step Nine – Flourishes
Out from around the large embellishment, along the two strips of PP2 decorate you page with flourishes.
* Remember that you can stamp, stitch, doodle, paint, rubon, stick stickers, chipboard, and cut out from patterned paper or cardstock ….. Whatever type of flourishes you like or as many as you like.

Step Ten – Main title
Place your title over the large embellishment.

Step Eleven – Sub title
Curve your subtitle around the top corner of your main photo, the corner with the matting showing underneath.

Step Twelve – Journal strips
Cut some thin strip off your spare cardstock – slightly smaller than a centimetre in thickness.
Write your journaling on these strips or if you wish type them up on the computer.
Cut them onto smaller pieces and adhere them over the edge of the medium embellishment.

Step Thirteen – Personalise your LO.
All the steps are now finished so make the LO individualised to suite you.

Have fun.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Our Sponsors for April

We have four fantastic sponsors for the month of May they are (in no particular order);

Blumars Craft

Scrap Boutique

Anna's Craft Cupboard

Chook Scraps

That means four fantastic prizes will be on offer this month.

We would just like to say a huge thank you to our sponsors who have kindly donated some store vouchers.

Only 2 more sleeps to go until the first challenge is posted.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sample Layouts

The Enchanted Scrapbooking Design Team decided to give Tracey's example a go... Here are there wonderful creations....

Suzi Hoffschulz

I really like the bold colours of your page Suzi and the use of the lace cardstock is wonderful touch.

Natasha Dennis
Snuggle Pot

Natasha I really likehow you have enfisized the circle patterned paper with the chalk shading around it on the cardstock. Great work.