Friday, April 4, 2008

April's Word Picture Challenge

We it is finally time for the first Word Picture Challenge to go up. But before it does we just want to say once again a huge thank you to our Sponsors for the month. Blumars Craft, Chooks Scraps, Scrap Boutiques and Anna's Craft Cupboard. The links to the Sponsor's stores are on the right hand side of the blog so ladies and gents (if we have any here) go and have a look at the wide range of stock that Maria, Lorraine, Chelsea and Anna have in store - you will not be disappointed.

Now for what you have all been waiting for ...... the first challenge.

Material List

* 1 main photo (can be a 6x4 photo or slightly bigger)
* 3 smaller photos (roughly 2 ½ x 1 ½ inches )
* 1 cardstock
* Some cardstock for journal strips
* 2 co-ordinating pieces of patterned paper ( you will only need a piece that is the same size as your large photo and two stripes about ½ x 12 inches) – this is a great challenge to you’re your patterned paper scraps.
* 1 large (roughly 10cm diameter – it does not have to be round in shape) embellishment
* 1 medium (roughly 5 cm diameter- it does not have to be round in shape) embellishment
* Flourishes of any type, rubons, stamps, hand drawn, cut from patterned paper, a painted stencil, hand stitched or even a variety of these.
* Alphas for title and subtitle.
* Ink, paint, glitter, pens, and what ever else you want to decorate your LO with
* Extra embellishments of your choosing.

Remember we all get the same word picture it is up to you to make it interesting and to suit your own style of scrapping. I will make a few suggestions but the choice is up to you.

Hint hint!!! – when I say to adhere, you may like to just place it down on the page to see how the layout progress, give it your own personal touches and then adhere it right at the very end.

Step One - Pattern Paper Preparation
From Patterned Paper One (PP1) you will need a rectangle the same size as your main photo. You can cut it with your trimmer, cut it free hand, tear it or do what ever you wish to get it to the size required.
From Patterned Paper Two (PP2) cut out two strips.

Step Two - Patterned Paper Decoration
Decorate your patterned paper, if you want to you can ink, sand, crumple, doodle, paint or whatever you wish to do. You can even leave it plain.

Step Three - Matting the Main Photo
Adhere PP1 to the back of your main photo; position it so that it only shows from under two sides of the photo, the top and either the left or right side.

Step Four – Position the Main Photo
Adhere your main photo around 7cm up from the bottom of the cardstock edge and roughly in the centre.

Step Five – Placement of the smaller photos
On the side of your cardstock that does not have the main photo on, adhere the smaller photos. Position them so that they run one on top of the other in a photo tower (further clarification here; I mean so that they run like a negative strip and if you need any further clarification please just ask in the comment section.) Make sure that the bottom edge of your photo tower and your main photo are even.

Step Six - Patterned Paper Two placement
Take one strip of PP2 and run it roughly 1cm from the bottom edge of your main photo in a horizontal line toward your photo tower. Trim the length of the strip to suit your layout, for example you may choose to trim it before the tower, after the tower or just as the tower finished.
Take the second PP2 strip and run it vertical up the side of your photo tower, leave roughly a 1cm gap between the PP and the photo tower. Once again trip to the length you require.

Step Seven – Large Embellishment
On the side where your two strips of PP2 join or come close to joining place your large embellishment. Position it how you like making sure it doesn’t hide you bottom photo in the tower.

Step Eight - Medium Embellishment
On the bottom side of you main photo that does not have the photo tower on place you medium embellishment.

Step Nine – Flourishes
Out from around the large embellishment, along the two strips of PP2 decorate you page with flourishes.
* Remember that you can stamp, stitch, doodle, paint, rubon, stick stickers, chipboard, and cut out from patterned paper or cardstock ….. Whatever type of flourishes you like or as many as you like.

Step Ten – Main title
Place your title over the large embellishment.

Step Eleven – Sub title
Curve your subtitle around the top corner of your main photo, the corner with the matting showing underneath.

Step Twelve – Journal strips
Cut some thin strip off your spare cardstock – slightly smaller than a centimetre in thickness.
Write your journaling on these strips or if you wish type them up on the computer.
Cut them onto smaller pieces and adhere them over the edge of the medium embellishment.

Step Thirteen – Personalise your LO.
All the steps are now finished so make the LO individualised to suite you.

Have fun.


Webfrau said...

This sounds a really interesting way of putting together a LO. Are digiscrappers allowed to play too?

The Scrapping Word Picture Team said...

Yes Digi scrappers and are more than welcome to play.

Webfrau said...

COOL! Thanks

Julie said...
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Julie said...

I'll try again. The link didn't work right in the first post. lol

I did my page 8 1/2 by 11 so I hope that is ok.

Jennifer L. said...

This was a lot of fun. Here's my LO.

Jennifer L