Thursday, June 26, 2008

June Challenge

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Material List
1 photo (roughly 12 x 9 cm)
1 cardstock (this doesn’t have to be cardstock it can be patterned paper if you wish)
3 patterned papers (can use scraps) (Call these paper A, paper B and paper C)AlphasEmbellishments
Circle Ring/Frame Embellishment (can be a cut out patterned paper or cardstock circle – cut the middle of the circle out to look like a large O, or you can doodle a O as the ring/frame, stick down small embellishments as the ring/frame or even sew a O as the ring/frame, your options are endless)
Your own ideas for decorations

Step One – Patterned Paper
Cut the following sizes from three different Patterned Paper
Paper A – 30.5 cm (12 inches) x 6 cm strip
Paper B – 18 cm x 2 ½ cm strip
Paper C – 14 cm x 6 cm rectangle

Step Two -Patterned Paper Decoration
Decorate your patterned paper if you want to you can ink, sand, crumple, doodle, paint or whatever you wish to do. You can even leave it plain.

Step Three – Positioning the Patterned Paper
Paper A – Place the strip across the bottom half of the cardstock roughly one third of the way down the page.
Paper B – Place the strip roughly 1 cm away from the edge of the cardstock (you can choose which side) and leave roughly 1 cm gap of cardstock between the edge of Paper A and Paper B.
Paper C – Place the rectangle roughly 3 cm away from the edge of the cardstock (on the same side that you have chosen for Paper B), position it so that the rectangle of Paper C overlaps both Paper A and B.

Step Four – Photo Position
Position your photo so that the bottom edge of the photo over laps all three of the patterned papers. Don’t adhere it yet!!

Step Five – Circle Ring/Frame
Around the top half of your photo put a circle ring/frame – position it so that the bottom half of the circle tucks under your photo. Now secure both of them down.

Step Six – Embellishment
Embellish along the bottom edge of you patterned paper and photo. You can do as much or as little as you like and use whatever embellishments that you like.

Step Seven – Journaling
On the cardstock that is towards the middle of the page, roughly where the patterned paper and circle meet, do your journaling. You can stamp, write, rubon or print out your journaling.

Step Eight – Title
Using your Alphas put a title either around the top of the circle ring/frame or along Patterned Paper A under the journaling.

Step Nine – Decorate and make it “yours”Finish off the layout to make it your own style.

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