Monday, June 30, 2008

June Layouts

I know this is going to sound like one of those standard excuses but I had a sick one year old this week, it got me a week off work, but I had to keep up nappy changes, clothing changes and bedding changes.... terrible to say but I think I would have preferred work.
Before the layouts go up I have to apologise for a few things, first sorry the layouts are a bit late, second if your layout isn't here please e-mail and let us know and last but not least I apologise that I did not e-mail back a few of you letting you know that I had received your layouts. It has been a challenging week.
There are some fabulous layout and I know that we are going to struggle just picking five. In no particular order;
Love by Jan Agnew
Friends by Emily Pearce
One by Jodi Belton
Formal by Emma Morris
Princess Cheesey by Melinda Taylor
You and Me by Sue Wheeler
Icecream by Nicole Pomeroy

Peek-a-boo by Nicole Hargreaves
Just Gorgeous by Peg Hewitt
Do I have to? by Sheree Power
Unconditional Love by Sue-Maree Wilks
Fly by Anthea Peterson
Hiding by Debbie Kupfer
Maddie, Katja & Beanne by Jem Hall
Call Me by Kerryn Lawson
Look at me by Marrion McIntyre

We would now like to thank our wonderful sponsors for this month; Blumars Craft, Diva's Scrapbooking, Passion for Craft, Country Papercraft and Bon's Scraps.

Now for all of you who are still reading, something exciting is coming next month (July) so be on the watch to find out what it is.
Tracey and Jodi


Peg said...

Sorry to hear you've had such a rough week :-(
of course you are forgiven!
Wow, the layouts look amazing, have fun choosing!

Jodi said...

Excellent layouts everyone.. I am sure that Tracey will have a tough choice picking winners... just lucky that there can be more than ONE.

Good luck