Friday, July 4, 2008

July's Word Picture

Material list
2 photos roughly 6 cm by 10 cm
1 piece of cardstock for the base
3 pieces of patterned paper;
Paper A - 1 whole piece of shaped patterned paper or you can cut out you own shape from a whole piece of paper. It has to be slightly smaller than your cardstock base
Paper B - 1 piece that is roughly 15 x 15 cm square
Paper C – 2 squares that are roughly 7 x 7 cm

Step One- Patterned Paper Shaping
Take Paper B and free cut a shape, keep it roughly the same size as your square. Your shape can be anything you wish, for example a star, a circle, a bird shape, a flower…. Anything.
Take the two Paper C squares and free cut two smaller shapes, you can either do the same shape as Paper B or a totally different shape.

Step Two - Patterned Paper Placement
Place your large shaped Paper A down on top of your cardstock. You can choose to centre it, of off set it to the top, bottom or one of the sides. The exact placement it up to you.
Paper B – Take your free cut shape and place it off centre and slightly to the bottom of Paper A.
Paper C – Place one free cut shape at the top and one at the bottom of Paper B – have them so that they slightly overlap the Paper B shape, you can choose to have them both on the right side or one on each side, it is up to you.
Do not glue them down just yet.

Step Three – Photo Placement
Photo 1 - Place your photo on top of Paper B large shape, place it slightly to the bottom and to one side and slightly hanging off the Paper B shape. The Paper C small shape can be place over the top of the photo edge so that you can see all of it.
Photo 2 – Place it roughly in the centre of Paper A, but towards Paper B shape, overlap a part of your Paper B shape over the top of your photo.

Step Four - Journaling
Beside Photo 2 on the side that does not have your Paper B and Paper C shapes do your journaling.

Step Five – Title Placement
Below Photo 2 but not on your Paper B or Paper C Place your title, you can run it out over Paper A and onto the cardstock if you wish or make it run in a column directly under the photo.

Step Six – Embellishments
First Positions - Place a small cluster of embellishments around the Paper C shapes
Second Position – Directly above Photo one on the spot where your Paper A and Cardstock lay put another cluster of embellishments.

Step Seven – Make it yours
Put your own finishing touches onto your page.

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