Monday, July 14, 2008

Love Is In June Bonus Challenge

We were asked by Love Is In Details to create a special Word Picture for their Crop in Minitoba, Canada. Well this is what we came up with;
Material list
1 x cardstock of thick patterned paper for base
2 x coordinating pieces of patterned paper
Alphas (can be chipboard, stamps, Rubons or whatever your favourite alpha is)
Embellishments (the sky is the limit – it is up to you)
2 x flourishes
2 x photos

Step One – Patterned Paper
From you patterned paper you will need the following sized pieces
Paper A – 1 x rectangle roughly 22 cm x 16 cm
1 x small strip roughly 2 cm x 8 cm
Paper B - 1 x large strip roughly 25 cm x 4 cm
1 x small strip roughly 1 cm x 5 cm
Ink, distress, tear, paint, scallop, or stitch to decorate and put your own mark on it.

Step Two – Paper Placement
Paper A - Place the large rectangle roughly 6 cm up from the bottom edge of your cardstock and roughly in the middle of the page. Then place the small strip of Paper A roughly one cm in from the top of the page and 1 cm from the edge of the side of the edge of the page – you choose which top side you want to place the strip on.
Paper B - Place the large Patterned paper B strip overlapping the bottom of the Paper A large rectangle, make sure that the edge of Paper A can be seen. Place the small strip of Paper B overlapping the small strip of Paper A, placement of the Paper B strip is up to you.

Step Three – Photo Placement
Overlapping the large Paper B strip and on Paper A place your photos towards the centre of the page. Slightly angle them, have one slightly higher than the other.

Step Four – Title Placement
Over the top of the lower photo put your title.

Step Five – Journaling Placement
Under the higher placed photo do your journaling.

Step Six – Flourish Placement
The first flourish is to be placed in the corner where the large Paper A rectangle and the large Paper B strip meet, on the opposite side to your journaling. The second flourish is to be place on the small Paper A strip.

Step Seven – Embellishments
There are four rough areas to place some embellishments, they are;
Where you have place the first flourish
In the corner of the cardstock, overlapping both Paper A and Paper B strips
At the top of the photo that has the journaling under it, place it on the corner of the photo that is closest to the cardstock edge
On the opposite side of the first flourish on the large Paper B strip

Step Eight – Decorate
Now make this layout yours and decorate and finish it off however you like.

And this is what the girls from Love Is In Details did with the description. There are some fantastic pages here that we could not just let it go without a prize, so Enchanted Scrapbooking has put together one of their funky Fun Fairy Packs for one of these lucky ladies.

By Martine Labelle

By Nicole Nowosand

By Peg

By Vikki Leigh

Now for the winning announcement; The winner is ............... drum roll please ......... Nicole Nowosad. Congratulations Nicole. We will be in contact shortly to let you know how to get your Enchanted Scrapbooking Fun Fairy Pack. Thank you to all the lovely ladies for letting us display your great pages.

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