Friday, August 1, 2008

August Word Picture

Material List
1 base (cardstock or thick patterned paper)
2 different patterned papers (make sure one has a decorative edge for examples scallops, zigzags, wavy lines etc)
2 or 4 photos (either use two 13x9 cm landscape photos or four 9x6½ portrait photos – these are only rough sizes)
1 plain cardstock or paper
An assortment of embellishments (die cuts, flowers, word strips, charms, buttons, gems, pearls – whatever your heart desires)
Trim – can be lace, ribbon, fabric, ric-rac - it will need to be around roughly 2½ cm wide
A large photo corner

Step One – Patterned Paper Sizes
Paper A cut off roughly 8 cm from one side – you should be left with a large rectangle that is roughly 23 cm by 31 cm.
Paper B cut a large rectangle roughly 17cm x 31 cm.

Step Two – Patterned Paper Placement
Place the non decorative edge of your Paper A roughly ½ cm away from either the right or left edge of your base.
Place Paper B over the top of Paper A place it so that it is roughly 2 ½ cm from the edge of the base.

Step Three - Photo Placement
Place your photos at the top, roughly 2 cm from the top edge of the base on Paper B. If you have two larger landscaped photos place them on top of each other, if you have four smaller portrait photos place so that you have two side by side and then the other two underneath the top two. You do not have to have them all aligned in straightness – you can lean them to one side or the other … so whatever makes you comfortable with their placement.

Step Four – Trimming
Cut your trim the same width as Paper B, then place it along the bottom edge of your bottom photo/s. Do not stick it down yet, there is a little hint in Step Five …. Just in case you need it.

Step Five – Photo Corner
Place your photo corner on your bottom photo/s on the corner that is closest to the edge of the base. If you have chosen a rubon photo corner you will have to place it on first before you stick your trim down, then stick the trim over the top of it.

Step Six – Plain paper/cardstock Trim
With your plain paper/cardstock cut two very fine decorative strips. Use pinking shears, decorative scissors, free cut waves, fine scallops – you could even use decorative strip/trim rubons or stamps. They do have to be fine – roughly ½ to 1 cm width. You will not use all of this, but it is better to have more than not enough.

Step Seven – Trim placement
There are two places for the trim;
1. Run the trim from the top of the top photo/s down along the edge of the photo that is closest to the base edge. Stop it once it gets to the start of the bottom photo/s.
2. Run the trim on the opposite side to the first trim (so more in towards the centre of the base), run it from roughly 5 cm up from the bottom of the base to the height of the bottom photo/s. However do not run it up on the edge of the photo – run it up on the edge of Paper B.

Step Eight – Title Placement
Run your title up the page on the base paper/cardstock along the decorative edge of Paper A. Start your title at the bottom of the base paper/cardstock.

Step Nine – Embellishment Placement
There are four different places to put your embellishments they are;
1. One single embellishment at the top of your top photo/s in the corner closest to the edge of the base.
2. One single embellishment on top of your photo corner
3. A cluster of embellishments on your top photo/s on the opposite side to the first single embellishment – but not in the corner – place the cluster spread out on the edge, towards the bottom corner of the top photo/s
4. Underneath the bottom photo/s, where your paper/cardstock trim started – cluster it a little bit so that is goes slightly over onto Paper A but mostly on Paper B, do not go all the way over Paper B, you will see why in Step Ten.

Step Ten – Journaling
Under your bottom photo/s on Paper B where there is no embellishment cluster do you journaling.

Happy Scrapping.

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Sami said...

I'm almost finished mine! Just a few finishing touches. Had to say how much I enjoyed this challenge. Can't wait to see everyones!! B-) Sami