Monday, September 1, 2008

August Layouts

The world has caught up with me - working full time, with DH away for 5 or so months, DD being a right little Madam at the moment and still having computer problems to boot ..... I need a break! Sorry I am so late posting these for last month.

Everyone that has submitted a layout for the Month of August has done a wonderful job of interpreting the Word Picture and we have got some fantastic layouts to prove it. So in no particular order here they are;

Now if I have missed your layout, please e-mail me, as I said previously I have really been having issues with the computer lately. So I apologise.

At Play by Nicole Hargraeves

Yum Cha by Peg Hewitt

Inverlaken by Emma Morris

Perth by Jan Agnew

Fun at 1 by Debbie

Ta Dah by Kylie

Got Cake? by Anthea Peterson

Okay there where a couple of layouts that I did miss because of this silly computer. I will post them here now ..... everyone is in the running for the prizes. Which will be announced tomorrow.

Happiness is a Muddy Track by Marion McIntyre

Mud by Natalie Satchwill


Sami said...

These are all so fantastic!! I'm glad I don't have to pick a winner. Good luck everyone! B-) Sami

sheree said...

great pages everyone for this month...

Emma said...

I agree, they're just fantastic! I can't wait to see who's chosen this month.

Nic said...

They all look awesome... I do have to ask though - are there any winners for last month???