Tuesday, September 16, 2008

September instructions.

Just bumping these up so they don't disappear off the page:

This months Word Picture Challenge is written by our very own Design Team Member Sheree Power. So put your creative thinking caps on and lets see what you can come up with.

Material List
1 x photo (6x4 or larger if you wish)
1 piece of patterned paper for the base (paper A)
1 piece of patterned paper 9in x 9in (paper B)
Journal block
Decorative tape or ribbon (about 26cm long and 1cm width)
embellishments of your choice

Step One:
Take paper B and decorate how you wish.eg: doodle around the edge, ink, sand etc its totally up to you.

Step Two:
Place paper B roughly about 1inch from the right hand corner of paper A (you may attach this paper now)

Step Three:
Place your picture on top of paper B this can either be to the right or left hand side of the paper its totally up to you. The photo should be around 1 inch away from all the edges of paper B. (do not attach the photo just yet.)

Step Four:
Take your journalling block and run this flush up to your photo. Drag the journalling block down about an inch under the bottom of the photo. Stick both the photo and the journalling block down now.

Step Five:
Take your decorative tape or ribbon this is placed in the middle of the journal block and the photo running length ways on your page.

Step Six:
On the side where your journal block is this is where you will put your title. the title should be placed either overlapping the journal block or just underneath it.

Step Seven:
On the side of your photo that is opposite to the journal block is where you will put your embellishments of your choice. You may also like to put one embellishment on the other corner of your photo and journal block next to your title.

Step Eight:
Journal and make it yours.

Once you have finished your layout - email them in to us here at word.pictures@hotmail.com by the 30th of September

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