Friday, March 6, 2009

March Word Pictures Challenge...

Well, here it is! Better late than never. I'm just getting back on my feet and it still takes me quadruple the time to get anything done! So, without further ado, I present March's challenge....

Material List
10x15cm photos – 1 landscape & 2 portrait – 3 in total
1 x cardstock or patterned paper 30x30 for base
Patterned paper/cardstock pieces:
Paper A – 28x28cm
Paper B – 26x17cm
Paper C – 30x8cm
Paper D – 13x13cm circle
Paper E – 29x2cm

Paper Placement
Place paper A in the centre of the base.
Paper B is then attached just inside the edge on the left hand side of Paper A.
Add Paper C centred and 3cm from the bottom of Paper B.
Your portrait photos should be placed, one on top of the other, to the right hand side of Paper A.
Paper E should be placed along the left hand edge of photos – this is where your journaling should be added.
Your landscape photo should be placed on the left hand side of Paper E centred from the top of Paper B and the top of Paper C.
Your circle – Paper D – is then attached in the space between your landscape photo and the bottom of Paper B, over the top of Paper C. This is where your title should go.

Make it your own!!

I hope you have fun with this challenge. Entries should be received no later than midnight, 31 March 2009.

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