Friday, August 7, 2009

Leaf it up baby!

Just wanted to give you some hints on how to leaf it up on your layout. I've been browsing around Chooks Scraps wonderful shop and look what I've found!

Stamps are a wonderful choose the colours - they don't necessarily have to be green B-)

There are also some gorgeous rub ons out easy way to add some leafage!

How about die cuts??! Easy peasy! It's all done for you...just pop 'em out!
If you feel like getting arty farty try some chipboard!! Leave it raw or tart it up with your paint, ink & glimmermists.

And my favourite....divine patterned paper! If you're patient, cut out some leaves from your patterned paper. It doesn't have to be exact...just trim quickly around the edges.
If you're into paper piecing, try finding some clip art leaves....print them out and use them as a template. Also, if you have used chipboard leaves and still have the 'hole' you punched them out can use this as a template too!
So many little time!!!
If anyone else has any tips, let us know by popping them in the chat box >>>>>>>>>over here B-)
I'm off to Sydney for the weekend now....back Sunday night! Have a great, scrappy weekend everyone!

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