Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September's Word Pictures challenge...

...brought to you by our very own inspirational team member Deb Hosking!

Materials List
1 10 x 15cm landscape photo
1 sheet cardstock/patterned paper (30 x 30cm) for the base of the layout
Paper A – 23 x 20cm
Paper B – 19.5 x 7cm
Paper C – 3 x 14cm
Paper D - 1 x 23cm

1. Attach Paper A horizontally to base – 1cm from right edge and 4cm from the bottom edge.

2. Adhere photo in bottom left hand corner of Paper A, leaving a small border on the bottom and left hand sides.

3. Paper B is placed vertically on right edge of Paper A again leaving a small border around the edges.

4. Place Paper C horizontally just inside the top of Paper A with the right edge touching the left edge of Paper B.

5. Attach Paper D vertically over the right edge of the photo and left edge of Paper B, extending over both edges of Paper A.

6. Place your title above the photo and your journaling on the bottom right hand side of the photo.

Now's the time to make it your own!!!

As our extra challenge this month....you need to add a decorative border somewhere on your layout! I'll share some examples with you over the next week to help you out. So stay tuned!!!

Have fun and don't forget to tell your friends!!!

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